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Baby Leucauge venusta


I think this is Lebia fuscata — a ground beetle, except it seemed to be hanging out in the flowers.  But could it be Bembidion quadrimaculatum instead?  Sure, what the heck.


On a dead mushroom.  Perhaps Drosophila.




What the hell is in its mouth?


Basilica orb-weaver, with its web (Mecynogea lemniscata)



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Around (and in) the house   Leave a comment

Some miscellaneous insects found around the house, and rather more insects than are strictly desirable found inside it.

First, the copper underwing, Amphipyra pyramidoides.  If this photo seems a little strange, it’s because it was sitting on a mirror.


Next, a dermestid beetle larva.


Finally, a planthopper I found when taking out the recycling, sitting on the bin.  Best guess: Acanaloniidae, genus Acanalonia, maybe Acanalonia conica?





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King Phillip’s Cave   Leave a comment

Well, this first one is actually from Devil’s Rock, but I didn’t want to make a new post just for one photo:











Tipulidae: perhaps a Limoniid crane fly?






A Limoniid crane fly?  (EDIT: identified as Limonia annulata.)






Mangora maculata in Araneidae.  This has only one photo from Massachusetts in, and none in iNaturalist.





Leafhopper,  Jikradia olitoria.  A female, males are more uniformly green.







Uloborus glomosus, I have a soft spot for these spiders:


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Borderland State Park   2 comments

Pine needles



Linyphia triangularis?  But it could also be Frontinella or Neriene.  Linyphiidae, at any rate.



This could be Haplandrus fulvipes.  Except that it was pointed out to me that Xylopinus also has a red-legged race (see this and this).  So, well, $@&!! that ID.  Note the large numbers of mites on the poor thing.




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