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Borderland State Park   Leave a comment

Snowy and frigid (about -10 degrees C). A pancake of clouds, so the skies were featureless, and no nice sparkly sunshine to play with the ice. Had to work with that.

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Devil’s Rock snowfall   Leave a comment

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Thane Flamingo Reserve, Bombay   2 comments

Black headed ibises:

Common sandpipers:

Godwit, plus an eastern redshank

Tons of flamingos!

Black-winged stilt in flight

A running takeoff!

Painted stork flyby

Hover fly:

Then we went to the Bhandup (mainland) side, and took a boat ride

Perhaps immature brahminy kites? Pariah kites? Suggestions welcome:

Two types of flamingos: the lesser flamingos have been here longer, and are pinker, because they’ve been having algae in their diet here that create the caratonids. The greater flamingos are larger, arrived more recently, and are therefore still black/white/gray (but not for long).

Flamingos and the city

They look so awkward!

Pariah kite

Northern shoveller

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