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Moose Hill Mass Audubon   4 comments

A foggy day.  I wanted to get to the lookout point to photograph the fog effects, but unfortunately didn’t time it right — I didn’t want the gates to get locked with my car still inside.  So I ended up with more water droplet images than I planned.














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Devil’s Rock   Leave a comment

Snow, yay!  It was especially crystalline today, which makes it a good day for closeups.

Snow crystals on spider web.









The winter stoneflies were everywhere!  It was wonderful seeing them.







You might already know: I can’t stop taking photos of this panorama.









And you may already know that I can’t stop taking long exposure photos of the stream.









I was expecting the winter stoneflies, but wasn’t expecting…the winter midges.  The family Orthocladiinae was suggested.


A wonderful walk, as always, to a magical place.

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