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Even the experts were unclear as to what this fly is.


Muscidae, maybe Muscina, according to the experts.  Why is it not Calliphoridae? “Shallow bend to median (M) vein. It is more acute in nearly all Calliphoridae. Also general gestalt. I can’t really think of a calliphorid that has this exact color pattern.


Enoclerus nigripes:


Perhaps Linyphiidae, Eregoninae, Erigone?  Verdict is that Eregoninae is correct, but genus requires more details (genitals).


Glischrochilus cf. fasciatus (Nitidulidae — Sap feeding beetles).  This species is also called the Picnic beetle, or more amusingly, the Beer beetle, because they love beer and other fermentation.


Nitidulidae, near Carpophilus.


Andrena.  “Male Andrena sp. (note the “furrows” on the inside margin of the eyes. Would be flat if not convex in Colletes).


Wood gnat.  Anisopodidae, Sylvicola cf alternatus.  Maybe S. fenestralis instead?


Spherical head, and time of year, apparently suggest Scathophagidae as a possibility.


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Moose Hill Mass Audubon Pond   2 comments

Tried to get some Dytiscid beetle photos. Instead I got this!

EDIT: Identified as a Fairy shrimp (Eubranchipus sp ).

Also got one awful Dytiscid beetle photo, and one semi-decent Dytiscid beetle larva photo.

This ain’t my last attempt to get a decent Dytiscid shot.

EDIT: Could be Haliplidae or Hydrophilidae instead of Dystiscidae, I guess.



Dytiscid beetle


Dytiscid beetle larva


Mosquito larva with bonus Collembola in the upper right.


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Icicles dripping   1 comment

Some interesting patterns in the icicles outside our window: the small things in life matter.






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20150514 Devil’s Rock Redux   Leave a comment

Going through some old photos, thought there was something in this photo that could be cropped and salvaged into a snap worth sharing.




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