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Theridion   Leave a comment

For the last few years, we’ve had plenty of little Theridion spiders nesting outside the front door. This morning, a little hanky-panky — they were busy making little Theridions. Note the distended palps on the male, indicating he has already loaded up the sperm sacs into his pedipalps for mating.

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Raindrops   2 comments

Rain overnight, morning photos

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Micro Caddisfly at home   Leave a comment

Tiny caddisfly, perhaps 3-4 mm, under the lights inside the house. I’m not sure the two photos are the same species.

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Miscellaneous   2 comments

I almost never post non-nature photos. Here are a few closeups taken while testing the macro setup.

But first, a tick, taken at Canoe River:



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Further salamander egg photos   1 comment

Made several more trips to see the evolution of the salamander eggs shown earlier. It was surprising to me to see that they became more opaque with time. Also accidentally formatted the SD card and lost a bunch of them, which is … life.




Another Hydrachnidia:

Look at the details inside the individuals:

Caddisfly larva:


A bit opaque to get too much by way of details:

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Borderland State Park, Northwest Trail   Leave a comment

Best guess: 3602, Pine tube moth, Argyrotaenia pinatubana

And another, probably the same species:

Rather picturesque view of a Naphrys pulex:

The Pompilid wasps are back! I note that, in the last year, they have become no easier to identify to genus or species.


Perhaps Empididae:

There were so many Cicindella sexguttata six spotted tiger beetles. Just sharing this because it looks nice:

Carabidae. Notiophilus cf biguttatus or N. aeneus.

Interesting rock. Inclusions or fossil?

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