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Astylopsis macula   Leave a comment

Found this the kitchen.  Love it when insects make house calls.


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Borderland State Park   Leave a comment

Again, little choice but to go during the hottest part of the day.  Relatively little insect activity because of that, I think.  As always, worth the walk!

Start off with non-insect photo, just one:


This weevil: Curculionidae –> Entiminae (Broad-nosed weevils).  Perhaps Asiatic oak weevil, Cyrtepistomus castaneus.


Some sort of egg, perhaps?  Pretty cute.


EDIT: Encyrtidae.  Compare with Encyrtus —




American toad.




Love the handsome trigs!


Perhaps a male Crabronidae wasp.


Some sort of Ichneumonid.  Spilopteron?

EDIT: “One of the cryptine ichneumons, maybe around Polycyrtus sp.


Don’t know what this is:


Perhaps a Pompillid wasp.


Female Mutillid wasp.  Timulla?  EDIT: “Pseudomethoca has a wider head, usually” — so it looks like I actually guessed correctly!  Weirder things have happened, but not often.


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Borderland State Park   Leave a comment

The hottest part of a very hot and dry day.  Spent the whole walk sweating and swatting flies and mosquitos.  The insects were missing, and the ones that were around were busy and elusive, so not too many photographs.  In the end: a wonderful afternoon walk.  It’s always nice to be out in the woods.

First a few non-invert photos! In hindsight, I *really* wish I had used a wider aperture for this shot.




Neriene radiata.


Zelus cf luridus nymph.


I think this is a 0299  White shawled Isocorypha, Isocorypha mediostriatella.


Anthomyiidae, in the process of, um, scathophagiding.


Vespula flavopilosa worker.


Cryptocephalus mutabilis in Chrysomelidae


I think this is Atanycolus in Braconidae.


Ancistrocerus adiabatus


Unknown.  Could be Anthomyiidae.


A pemphredonine. Something in Pemphredonini tribe.


So many of these beetles on this cluster of flowers!  Podabrus basillaris, I think, in Cantharidae.


Gnaphosidae, I’d say.  Maybe Drassyllus (but that’s probably wishful thinking, there are few sightings of Drassylus).






A fly, Micropezidae, maybe Rainieria antennaepes.


Male mutillid, likely Timulla sp.



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Tan Jumping Spider   Leave a comment

One of my favorite spiders: Platycryptus undatus, tan jumping spider.




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