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20161023 Stony Brook Mass Audubon   2 comments






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20161016 Borderland State Park   Leave a comment

A surprisingly warm day for this time of year, so the insect activity may have been a bit more than normal.  This one had an intriguing flight, almost like a beetle, and I haven’t been able to identify it yet [edit: identified on Facebook as a March fly, Penthetria heteroptera, but perhaps also a dark fungus gnat?].  Sorry for a poor photo:


This heron stood across the lake amidst some gorgeous autumn colors:


And finally, some flowers to celebrate the end of summer:



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A lone boater    2 comments

Taken with my cell phone on my walk to the train station this morning.  As far as I know, I didn’t apply any filter to it — the Impressionist effect simply comes from zooming in and a felicitous lack of pixels.


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