some links   2 comments aka The Backyard Arthropod Project. Great blog of everything with an exoskeleton in Michigan. excellent blog of whatever you can see when you keep your eyes open! list of 1000+ nature blogs. is simply marvelous. Something wonderful each time I check. is the authoritative source for all insect identification, and this is their page on spider eye patterns. is a blog of a few of the photographs I’ve taken. is a link to most of the photos I’ve taken.







Posted 2010-05-05 by gaurav1729

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  1. Hi Guys,

    It’s a really good effort of yours that you are trying to save the mother nature and Yes, your website is cute..


  2. Lovely site – happy to run across it from the Nature Blogs Network – we definitely appreciate the scientific information and professionalism/attention given to each and every species!

    We’re two traveling wildlife biologists new to the network 🙂

    Husband and wife wildlife biologists, traveling from one field job to the next around the world and sharing all of it with you….From Canadian Lynx to birds of the Peruvian Amazon to Gulf Coast Alligators to Mexican Grey wolves to Teton Wilderness Moose to Adirondack Pine Martens to Coastal Oregon Spotted owls….& everything in between

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