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Canoe River, Foxboro   3 comments

Walking along the powerline cut near Canoe River, Foxboro. Fantastic day for insects and spiders!

First, Diptera:

Conopidae, perhaps Myopa sp.

Lauxania in Lauxaniidae:

“Unmarked wings with very simple veination pretty much rules out Anisopodidae. Sciaroidea, I’d say, but not Mycetophilidae; Cecidomyiidae would be my guess, but it’s truly a guess.”



An ant alate?

Halictidae. Maybe Lasioglossum (subgenus Dialictus)? Don’t really know how to distinguish from Augochlora.

Pompilidae, Priocnemis minorata seems to be the only one registered in Massachusetts in May.

Another Lasioglossum?

Another Priocnemis minorata?

Looks like Sphecodes:

I caught a Sphecodes in flight!


I really don’t know how to tell Augochlorini from Lasioglossum.



Dermestidae: Cryptorhopalum cf triste

Cerambicidae! (I initially thought Staphylinidae). Molorchus bimaculatus.

Cryptorhopalum cf triste again

Chrysomelidae: Sumitrosis inaequalis

I spent a lot of time trying to see who was digging this whole but she never came out so it’s a mystery!

EDIT: Lytta sp. in Meloidae


Isthmocoris piceus actually looks like a better fit, in Geocoridae. I first thought it was Salda in Saldidae. Compare with

Zelus luridus nymph, always charismatic.


My first Thrips!!! But couldn’t find a good match. Aeolothrips, if I was forced to guess.



Pelegrina proterva.

A special place in my heart for Leucauge venusta!

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Phidippus audax visits the house   2 comments

Trying to capture the beautiful color of the chelicerae, but it didn’t come out right in the photos.

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Borderland State Park   2 comments

First bug walk of the season (as opposed to the vernal pool and the wetlands). I spent a lot of time (too much time) creating many, many candidate flash diffusers. Today was the first actual trial.

Plenty of insects and spiders!


My guess: Hexomyza schineri in Agromyzidae. However, I’m told that it could plausibly be many others that are acalypterate.



Who is this? I was about to call it Bibio longipes — and then discovered that that is found only in fall. Maybe something like Bibio femoratus?

Anthomyidae, cf Anthomyia.

Another Bibio cf femorata?

Such a striking fly, probably Agromyzidae.

Male Bibionidae?


A mutillid wasp. Pseudomethoca simillima?

Cynipid wasp

Nomada luteoloides?

Probably Andrena.


The requisite six spotted green tiger beetle:

Notiophilus cf biguttatus

False blister beetle, Asclera ruficollis, in Oedemeridae? Or Podabrus punctatus? I *think* it’s Asclera ruficollis. But Pedilus lugubris is another possibility. Okay, now I’m going with Pedilus lugubris.

EDIT: according to BugGuide, Silinae in Cantharidae is the best starting point.

“Anthonomus, I believe, either A. suturalis or A. musculus.”

Elateridae. Maybe Dolerosomus silaceus?

Tarpela micans. For some reason, I only seem to see dead ones.


This beautiful Lycosid. Pardosa sp.

Naphrys pulex. Except that it might be a Pseudeuophrys erratica, which I’m just learning about — introduced from Europe. Or Habronatus?

Thanatus, in Philodromidae.

Solsticus insularis? Haplodrassus cf hiemalis? Callilepis pluto? Urozelotes isn’t confirmed in BugGuide near here, but I’ve seen it suggested ( for Massachusetts, so maybe this is that?

EDIT: Zelotinae looks good, but classifying any finer is highly questionable.

Opiliones (aka Harvestman):

Some scenery:

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