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Also, a quick trip to Canoe River Wilderness Area in Foxboro (first time there).  Non-invert photos first.


The breeze:






And now the invertebrates.

A Halictid bee.  Best guess Augochlora pura, but tough to tell from this poor image.


Acmaeodera tubulus in Buprestidae?


A huge mass of these caterpillars.  Hemileuca lucina, New England buck moth.






Rhagonycha in Cantharidae, I think.


Another sepsid?


Tipulidae, some sort of crane fly.






A sawfly, maybe Tenthredinidae.


Ugh.  No idea.  Chrysomelid?  Phyllophaga in Scarabaeidae?


Histeridae?  Best fit I could see is Aeletes politus.  If that’s correct, it earns me the coveted “First sighting in New England other than Tom Murray” award.  Of course, Tom Murray has recorded *five* sightings already, before anyone else recorded even one.


Rhagonycha again, I think.


“1011 Schlaegers Fruitworm Moth (Antaeotricha schlaegeri)”




Leuctra laura, roll-winged stonefly.


Emblyna in Dictynidae.  Compare




Some kind of ichneumonid wasp.


Rhagio mystaceus, snipe fly.


Tough one!  Maybe a female Hentzia.


Ahhh…. Scorpionfly, Panorpidae.  Panorpa.  Going by, maybe P. nebulosa?




A wasp in Figitidae.






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King Phillip’s Cave   Leave a comment

Again, physical distancing constrains me from my beloved Northwest Trail at Borderland State Park…the crowd of cars parked there was definitely disconcerting.

At King Phillip’s Cave.  Chrysomelid is what I’m going with right now.  Best guess is a flea beetle, such as Capraita cf subvittata.


Unknown moth. EDIT: “3251 – Barepatched Leafroller – Pseudexentera spoliana, extremely common around oaks”


The spider is a Salticid jumping spider, probably in Pelegrina or in Eris (cf militaris).


Perhaps a Pompilid?  For Pompilids, long tibial spines, “also note the antennae and wing venation. Totally lacking the “horse head” discosubmarginal cell of an ichneumon and the antennae aren’t segmented enough. ”  Also: “Auplopus sp. or another Ageniellinine“.




Platysoma leconti, in Histeridae.  Love how pleasingly plump and chonky it is.


Love, love this Halictid.  Perhaps Lasioglossum coeruleum, “dark blue sweat bee”.


Probably Red-necked false blister beetle, Asclera ruficollis (Oedemeridae, Tenebrionidae).  Note the depressions in the pronotum.




Scolytinae, Scolytini: Bark beetle.



Non-insect photos:


I call this one “Ascension”.















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Not quite the usual nature photos.  Bubbles in a puddle of water on the counter.






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