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Elateridae were all over. I do not dare try to refine this any further. But just FYI, the sharp flanges at the ends of the thorax are called hypomerons.

Also, saw at last 15-20 Cicindella sexguttata, six-spotted tiger beetles.


Cynapoid, perhaps Figitidae.

‘cynipoids all have sort of a triangle “dagger” shaped cell toward the edge of the forewing. Also the shape of the abdomen, antennal segments, etc. are clues.’

There were a bunch of these caterpillars, and there were a bunch of ants attacking them. The caterpillars were writhing furiously (and perhaps successfully).

Lasioglossum suggested. Someone else suggested Sphecodes?


Ceropales maculata in Pompilidae. From BugGuide, as ID for Pompilidae:

Family characteristics(6)(7):

Typically dark colored with smoky or yellowish wings; a few are brightly colored.

Slender with long and spiny legs, hind femora typically extending beyond tip of abdomen.

Tibiae of rear legs have two prominent spines at apex (distal end, next to tarsi)

Wings not folded flat on top of abdomen.

Mesopleuron with a transverse suture

Like the Vespidae, the Pompilidae have the pronotum extending back to the tegulae, the pronotum thus appearing triangular when viewed from the side and horseshoe-shaped when viewed from above.

Ichneumonini. Like Ichneumon or Cratichneumon.


Ichneumonidae, such as Pimpla or similar.

Sphecodes? In flight!


Bagworm nest


Very colorful, Zelus luridus?

Stictocephala treehopper

Brown marmorated stink bug


Bibionidae (male)?

These flies abound. And I’ve never been able to get an ID for them.

Tachinidae? Compsilura concinnata looks very similar to this.



Gnaphosidae. Something like Zelotes, but it’s not easy to go to genus.

Lycosidae. Gladicosa? Just possibly Pardosa.

Cute little Salticid. Looks like a young Phidippus Whitmani.

Attulus cf. floricola? Also, is Attulus a synonym for Sitticus? If it’s changed, which one is more recent? (ANSWER: Yes, Attulus is more recent.)

I think this is a Neriene radiata egg sac (perhaps some other Linyphiid). And here’s the spider whose web it was in.

THIS WAS EXCITING! Titanoeca in Titanoecidae, first sighting of this family in Massachusetts according to BugGuide. And my first sighting of this family, too.

And another Salticid, perhaps the same species as previous.

Leucauge venusta.


Looks like Bassaniana versicolor

Another tough Salticid. Turned out to be Zygoballus.

And another one. Also turned out to be Zygoballus, probably female.


Another Bassaniana versicolor.

No exoskeletons

Lady slipper orchid

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