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coyote or fox 2010-01-24 woods around arboro coyote or fox

In January, we saw a coyote or a fox in the woods behind our house. At the same time, one was seen in the woods near some of our neighbours’ houses. We presume it’s the same animal, but aren’t sure!

Coyotes and foxes are, of course, not that unusual in suburbia. But there’s always a thrill in seeing a predator out there — nearly every other ground-based predator has been eliminated around here.

The following photos were taken by our neighbor:

After we saw the critter in the backyard, we later went for a walk in the woods to look for footprints. Here are some of the photos we took:

From insects and spiders
From insects and spiders

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  1. Based on the bushy tail I’d say your neighbor has photographed a Coyote. You however seem to have photographed rabbit! Definitely no foxes to be seen 🙂

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