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sac spider, miturgidae, cheiracanthium 2010-04-17 in house, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen

I’ve been seeing sac spiders everywhere I go in the house nowadays, when I go to the kitchen or the bathroom at night and turn on the light. This raises several questions: are they territorial? Is it the same one in the same place every time? Do ranges for males and females overlap? What are they trying to eat and how do they catch it? The ones I’ve been able to tell are female, but that’s not a very big sample.

I’m happy I managed to get some close pictures of the eye pattern for one of them. Pretty similar to Tegenaria, isn’t it?

From insects and spiders

Note that the femurs seem to have two different types of hairs — one sturdy and dark, one seemingly finer and lighter. Wonder what purposes the different types serve.

This is a nest in the corner:

From insects and spiders

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