20140601 moose hill   Leave a comment

Symphyla (classified under myriapoda), found under a rock:

From 20140601_moosehill

Crane fly:

From 20140601_moosehill
From 20140601_moosehill

I really love its wings.

From 20140601_moosehill

Lady slipper. Another person on the trail told me that it was the first one he had seen in twenty years. In this photo, you can see how it tricks the insects into brushing against the stamen to help pollination:

From 20140601_moosehill

Saw a *lot* of Longhorn Beetles (apparently Lepturinae, probably Anthophylax).

From 20140601_moosehill

In this closeup, you can see it had a passenger: a pseudoscorpion, perhaps!

From 20140601_moosehill

A Globular Springtail (Collembola), perhaps on a beetle grub:

From 20140601_moosehill

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