20150404 and 20150405 Moose Hill   Leave a comment

Looked under a rock, and there was a network of strands (fungus)? Water droplets were on them, clearly not dew, perhaps snow melt.

From 20150404_moose_hill

Water beetle with an air bubble for breathing. Dytiscidae?

From 20150404_moose_hill

A collection of air bubbles under the water. The nest of the water beetle?

From 20150404_moose_hill

Mosquito Larva:

From 20150405_moose_hill

Some kind of nymph. Perhaps dragonfly nymph, Dytiscid beetle nymph, or hellgrammite (dobsonfly larva):

From 20150405_moose_hill

Millipede under water:

From 20150405_moose_hill

Lithobiomorpha centipede, perhaps Lithobius genus:

From 20150405_moose_hill

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