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I improvised a new macro photography rig (more on this later) and wanted to test it out. I had about half an hour to spend at Moose Hill Mass Audubon. The macro photography worked great, and there were some insects I found absolutely gorgeous.

This fly was beautiful, from the strange abdomen to the bizarre bulbs to the plume antenna. Best guess: Ceratopoginidae.

From 20150705_moose_hill

This fly had eyes of the purest ruby red. Love it.

From 20150705_moose_hill
From 20150705_moose_hill

What a beetle. This probably is the Net Winged Beetle, family Lycidae. According to this source not too much is known about it. And yes, the bright coloring is aposematism. On the other hand, I’m not certain how to distinguish this from a glowworm, which is also a possibility.

From 20150705_moose_hill
From 20150705_moose_hill

A rather startling dash of color (no editing, by the way):

From 20150705_moose_hill

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