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Again, half an hour to spare at Devil’s Rock while my son had guitar lessons.

Do flies have leks? The four flies on the same plant would seem to be trying to mate. I’d love to know the answer.

From 20150702_devils_rock

Looks to my (amateur) eyes to be a fungus beetle:

From 20150702_devils_rock

This Robber fly is from the genus Laphria, I believe. Pretty much every time I see a Robber fly, it has prey. They have to be really successful hunters. Or maybe I only see them when they land, which is what they do after they capture a meal.

From 20150702_devils_rock

I found a web full of baby spiders, newly hatched. They were too young to have pigmentation, so they had a ghostly apparition, brought out because the flash also gave them a dark background. Not sure what kind, but the eye pattern is visible in this photo. Perhaps Linyphiidae?

From 20150702_devils_rock

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