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Haven’t had a lot of good insect photos lately, but as always, I’ve enjoyed the search. I don’t fish, so this is my substitute: an excuse to go outdoors and enjoy my time.

This is maybe a sweat bee. I have been trying hard to get good photos of sweat bees, cuckoo wasps or jewel wasps, without a lot of success. This is as good as I have got so far, but it doesn’t really do justice to the iridescent colors.

From 20150907_moose_hill
From 20150907_moose_hill

This is dragonfly season!

From 20150907_moose_hill
From 20150907_moose_hill

I’m not sure what the significance of the “tail-up” pose is. Some seem to believe that it has to do with regulating temperature through sun exposure.

From 20150907_moose_hill

Underneath a rock. Perhaps Amaurobiidae? If so, I would expect to see spinnerets.

From 20150907_moose_hill

Cute little fly outside my house. Perhaps genus Chlorops, but I Am Not An Expert. [Edit: identified by Kai Beck on the Facebook Entomology group, as Lauxaniidae, but Drosophila was also mentioned as a possibility.]

From 20150907_moose_hill

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