Stony Brook Mass Audubon (20170909)   Leave a comment

One of our favorite walks.  The boardwalk is now open, too.


The Handsome Trigs were everywhere!  Seriously, though, that’s their official name.  This one seems to be eating some prey?  As katydids, I assumed that they would eat plants.  Perhaps a larva? [Edit — I learned that most Orthoptera are in fact opportunistic eaters of other insects or carrion, so this is certainly food.  And armed with this knowledge, I can never look at locust swarms in the same way ever again.]



My first geometrid moth caterpillar ever!  These are known for their spectacular camouflage.  I would never have realized that this wasn’t a twig, except that it mistook the wooden railing for the branch of a tree, and so stood out:



In case you’re still not convinced, here’s a closeup of the head:





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