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For some reason, all the orb weavers we seem to get are Cyclosa conica, Leucauge venusta, and the occasional Uloborus glomosus.  Very few of the Araneus or Argiope that other people seem to swim in.  Cyclosa conica here:





The Uloborus glomosus I was talking about:


A little abstract design:






Eratoneura sp.?  Dikrella cf. cruentata?




I really don’t know who this is.  Best guess Dictynidae.  Maybe Emblyna sublata?



This particular pattern of Salticids is found in a lot of different genuses, and drives me crazy trying to identify it.  Maybe Eris?





Leucauge venusta:


Moss backlit by setting sun:



Anyphaena cf. fraterna, maybe A. pectorosa?  Neither has many sightings in New England, and A. pectorosa would be a first.


A gorgeous red color to the buds:





First warm day in a while!


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