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My first nighttime blacklighting for moths — mercury vapor lamp shining on a bedsheet. So many moth photos, and I can’t identify them very well, so I’m going to concentrate on non-moths.


Limoniid crane fly?

Look at all the mites:

Toxomerus marginatus hanky-panky:


Amphiaretus obscuriceps, a pirate bug. Introduced from Asia, first record in USA 1983.

Could by Gyponana.

My guess is Meadow Spittlebug, Philaenus spumarius.


Probably a brown lacewing. Neuroptera –> Hemerobiidae. Perhaps Hemerobius?


I think this is a rove beetle, Staphylinidae.

Carabidae, ground beetle.

Podabrus in Cantharidae?

Stenolophus lineola, in Carbidae.

Maybe –maybe! – Paratenetus in Tenebrionidae.

Dystiscid, I think:

Hydrochus genus, in Hydrophilidae. A new family for me!

Perhaps Phyllophaga, in Scarabaeidae? In other news, I’ve discovered that I’ve been spelling it wrong all this time. I *think* legs like this are found in Scarabaeidae.

Another Dystiscid?




Gorgeous fishfly



Another Ophion? This one was smaller?


Okay, *some* moths. But really, there were so many, and I’m so bad at identifying them, it’s tough to choose other than by aesthetics.

Plume moth:

No exoskeletons!

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