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Again, little choice but to go during the hottest part of the day.  Relatively little insect activity because of that, I think.  As always, worth the walk!

Start off with non-insect photo, just one:


This weevil: Curculionidae –> Entiminae (Broad-nosed weevils).  Perhaps Asiatic oak weevil, Cyrtepistomus castaneus.


Some sort of egg, perhaps?  Pretty cute.


EDIT: Encyrtidae.  Compare with Encyrtus —




American toad.




Love the handsome trigs!


Perhaps a male Crabronidae wasp.


Some sort of Ichneumonid.  Spilopteron?

EDIT: “One of the cryptine ichneumons, maybe around Polycyrtus sp.


Don’t know what this is:


Perhaps a Pompillid wasp.


Female Mutillid wasp.  Timulla?  EDIT: “Pseudomethoca has a wider head, usually” — so it looks like I actually guessed correctly!  Weirder things have happened, but not often.


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