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Visitor’s Center to the Pond, to Pond Edge Trail, to the Swamp Trail. Then Pond Walk to Ames Mansion.

But first, spiders from right outside my front door. Shame on me for not noticing them earlier! This is Theridion. They can actually be social spiders, and there were multiple of them in this web.

The Halictids were out in force! Augochlora pura:

Halictus sp. : “the hair bands are stronger and seem apical while the head looks much larger than a Lasioglossum”

Maybe Three Streaked Sparganothis, aka Sparganothis tristriata 3699?


Ancistrocerus cf adiabatus:

Diptera. “Calliphoridae, Calliphora sp. Wing veination in this case mainly gets you to Oestroidea, ruling out Muscoidea.”

A male Bethylidae. Wikipedia: “aculeate wasps in the superfamily Chrysidoidea. As a family, their biology ranges between parasitoid wasps and hunting wasps.”

Beautiful Crane fly, perhaps Tipulidae?, with beautiful eyes:

Pityohyphantes cf costatus in Linyphiidae

Harvestman aka Opilione. Leiobunum vittatum?

This wasp: Braconidae.

I thought this was fascinating. Some kind of leaf miner made a pocket, and I think there was water condensation between the two sides of the pocket.

Dictyniidae. My guess is Emblyna, but can’t rule out Dictyna:

These fireflies were everywhere. All MA fireflies in September in BugGuide are Ellychnia corrusca, so I guess this is too.

Tetragnathidae, Tetragnatha sp. probably. I think they’re so elegant.

This little piece of debris stuck in a web:

Really not sure, but Anthomyiidae if I had to guess.

I absolutely love these. Graphocephala fennahi (Rhododendron Leafhopper)?

Mangora spiculata

The whirligig beetles were busy busy busy. Gyrinidae.

I _think_ this is a meadow vole:

Crabronidae, Gorytes, with a grasshopper for its babies. It later flew off carrying it away.

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