Metacomet’s Cave   Leave a comment

I’m calling it Metacomet’s Cave because I think that’s a better name than King Philip’s Cave.

First bug walk of the season! Trying a new technique: no flash, high ISO, larger aperture, some focus stacking if necessary. I don’t know if it’s any better. Perhaps with a ring light?

I found a little stone (3-4 cm) that was swarming with Collembola, like little sheep.

Look, I caught one of them in the process of jumping!

Lasius ant, I believe, commonly called Citronella ants:

Fly in Heliomyzidae. This photo is the result of focus stacking. Mixed success:

I always see Leucauge venusta spiders as some of the earliest spiders in the spring. Also Cyclosa conica, but didn’t see any of those on this trip.

And another:

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