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Braconidae? Don’t know how to distinguish from Ichneumonidae from this photo, given lack of wing venation.

My best guess for this one is family Ichneumonidae, perhaps Cryptinae. Will need to look further to see it I can find a fit. Note the large ovipositor as a clue.

Lycosidae (wolf spiders) –> maybe Schizocosa sp.?

Looks like a hammerjawed jumping spiders, Salticidae –> Zygoballus cf. rufipes. Genus looks solid, but being confident of species level identification may be tricky.

a blurry view, but you can see the eponymous jaws:

This is probably a Melandrya cf striata, in Melandryidae (false darkling beetles). Not too many instances of them in the US, so something of a nice sighting!

Lovely mayfly, and for once, it’s actually May!

Maybe Xylophagidae? If this turns out to be Rachicerus genus, it would be a state first for Massachusetts.

Some sort of Trichoptera (caddisfly). Best guess, something like Chimarra? There aren’t that many reports of adult Chimarra in Massachusetts.

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