20150920 backyard   3 comments

More photos from the backyard.

From 20150920_backyard

Candy-striped leafhoppers always put on a show:

From 20150920_backyard


From 20150920_backyard

Araneid orb weaver (genus Araneus? Neoscona? Not sure).

From 20150920_backyard

Not a very clean eater, is it?

From 20150920_backyard

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3 responses to “20150920 backyard

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  1. Wow. The candy striped leaf hopper is amazing! I’ve never seen one before. Great photos!

    • They’re actually pretty common around here, but you don’t see the colors stand out until you take a macro photo. There was no post-processing, by the way, that’s the way they actually look.

  2. Interesting!

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