20161119 Broad Meadow Brook   2 comments

We had a meeting of the New England Entomological Society at Broad Meadow Brook.  I’ve never been there before, and took the opportunity to take a walk in the woods there.

The autumn colors are gone.  The scenic snowy landscapes are not yet.  This is the brown season, and it has pleasures that are smaller and more intimate.

An abstract of some bright leaves, taken facing into the sun.






An insect that drove me absolutely crazy by flying away each time I thought I had it in my sights.  Identified as Dikrella cruentata, a first for me for this particular type of leafhopper, and apparently the second recorded sighting in Massachusetts as per bugguide.net, and the first recording for this insect in Massachusetts in November (this information courtesy the Insects of New England Facebook group).  Eratoneura was also proposed as the genus.  This is the best I could do:


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  1. Enjoyed your photos embracing the brown season, and especially that cool leafhopper.

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