Canoe River power line cut; Greeley pond   2 comments


Bombus: bumble bee

Sweat bee, Halictidae. Halictus ligatus?

Looks to me like Ceratina, Carpenter bees. For Massachusetts in June, all I see in BugGuide are subgenus Zadontomerus.


I haven’t been able to convince myself of any of the possible choices for this one. Maybe, just maybe, Lasioglossum? I’m not too sanguine about that. EDIT: could be Hylaeus, too.

Hylaeus modestus? In Colletidae.

Eumeninae (potter and mason wasps). Parancistrocerus cf perennis? Euodynerus cf hidalgo? My guess is the first.

Ceratina, as evidenced by the more muted green color and the white behind the head.

What the hell is going on here??? The first two photos show a fairly normal hymenopteran, but the third…!

EDIT: Identified as the sawfly Xiphydria. Maybe they all just look like this all the time?

What is going on here??



Maybe Chrysididae? Such as Holopyga or Hedychrum?



Grasshopper nymph. Takes a wiser man than me to figure out what kind it is from a photo at this age.


Small milkweed bug, Lygaeus kalmii, in Lygaeidae.


Pachygronthidae –> Seed bug, Phlegyas abbreviatus

Derbid planthopper, Cedusa cf maculata (compare

Coreidae eggs:


“The first two are Scythris species. Assuming they are both the same species, I would suggest S. fuscicomella, although there are two other possible species. S. fuscicomella has thickened antennae, which I think this does. We have only a single record of this species for Massachusetts – from Hyde Park in 1910! The other two possible species have also not been found in the State since the first half of the last century”



Agrilus ruficollis, red-necked cane borer, Buprestidae. Don’t see a Norfolk county, Massachusetts report of this, but they’re not rare.

Cryptorhopalum triste in Dermestidae, were all over the place on the flowers.

Bad angle. Carabidae? Something like Stenolophus cf ochropezus? Agonum albicrus looks better. Amphasia seems to have rufous legs/antennae. Apristus looks similar-ish. I should stop now.

Elateridae. I do not dare go any further.

Cantharidae –> Rhagonycha?

Mordellidae, tumbling beetles. Looks like Mordella marginata.


Excited to catch them flying!

Syrphid fly, looks like Sphaerophoria


Cesonia bilineata in Gnaphosidae


Beautiful mite! Balaustium, Erythraeidae.

Thomisidae. Xysticus? Xysticus vs Bassaniana is tough.

Asagena americana in Theridiidae.

Opiliones, aka Harvestman. Leiobunum vittatum, I think.

No arthropods!

These galls look something like Aculops rhois galls (Eriophyidae, mites).

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  1. Great collection, thanks for sharing 🙂

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