Canoe River power lines and pond area   2 comments

First, the Canoe River power lines


Toxomerus marginatus

Syritta pipiens in Syrphidae.


Polites mystic, Long Dash

“This is 5451 – Parapediasia teterrellus. The white head is the give-away, with the dark sprinkling on the wing.”

(ORIGINAL COMMENT: Best guess: Mottled Grass-Veneer, Neodactria luteolellus, 5379)

“It doesn’t have the distinct darker triangle over the back which nigranum has and the color is too greenish. Possibly O. olivaceana, but these species are so variable and it would really need dissection to identify it for certain. Also, there are several undescribed species in the genus.”


Seen but not photographed: a gorgeous Ebony Jewelwing.

Female calico pennant:

Unfortunately, no idea what this damselfly is, either.


Braconidae –> Agathidinae

Other suggestion: Braconidae –> Doryctinae –> perhaps Doryctes

Maybe yellow-faced bee, Hylaeus modestus/affinis?

Perhaps Ceratina?

Ceratina? The body looks too smooth.

Pimplinae in Ichneumonidae, perhaps Pimpla


Ichneumonidae, probably Odontocolon


Synolabus bipustulatus, Oak leafrolling weevil, Attalebidae

Podabrus cf brevicollis in Cantharidae? There are too many similar looking species, so tough to be certain.

Sumitrosis inaequalis


Thanatus, in Philodromidae:

Bowl and doily weaver web (Frontinella pyramitela)

Leucauge venusta. As always look at the bristles on the fourth leg.

Came home to a nice Easter Parson Spider, Herpyllus ecclesiasticus, in Gnaphosidae.

What is this?

Found sticking out of the ground. There was an ant nest outlet not that far away.

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2 responses to “Canoe River power lines and pond area

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  1. Beautiful little creatures of mother nature. Thanks for showing us. Unless I’m not a spider fan, I like the Easter Parson Spider.

  2. Thank you very much!

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