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They were identified as Habrobracon, compare with https://bugguide.net/node/view/478600. Parasitoids of meal moths, and yes, we just went through an infestation of meal moths inside our house. It’s truly amazing that they were able to detect this infestation and are now everywhere in our house.

Here’s an interesting tidbit from Wikipedia about Habrobracon wasps:

Habrobracon hebetor is remarkably resistant to radiation. While LD100 is estimated around 1000 rads for humans,[8] and 56,128 rads (64,000 roentgens) for the fruit flyDrosophila melanogaster,[9] a study showed that H. hebetor survived X-ray radiations of 158,080 rads (180,250 R). In this study, irradiated groups even had an increased life span compared to non-irradiated control groups, an effect attributed to the lack of activity of irradiated individuals.[10][11]

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