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Also, a quick trip to Canoe River Wilderness Area in Foxboro (first time there).  Non-invert photos first.


The breeze:






And now the invertebrates.

A Halictid bee.  Best guess Augochlora pura, but tough to tell from this poor image.


Acmaeodera tubulus in Buprestidae?


A huge mass of these caterpillars.  Hemileuca lucina, New England buck moth.






Rhagonycha in Cantharidae, I think.


Another sepsid?


Tipulidae, some sort of crane fly.






A sawfly, maybe Tenthredinidae.


Ugh.  No idea.  Chrysomelid?  Phyllophaga in Scarabaeidae?


Histeridae?  Best fit I could see is Aeletes politus.  If that’s correct, it earns me the coveted “First sighting in New England other than Tom Murray” award.  Of course, Tom Murray has recorded *five* sightings already, before anyone else recorded even one.


Rhagonycha again, I think.


“1011 Schlaegers Fruitworm Moth (Antaeotricha schlaegeri)”




Leuctra laura, roll-winged stonefly.


Emblyna in Dictynidae.  Compare




Some kind of ichneumonid wasp.


Rhagio mystaceus, snipe fly.


Tough one!  Maybe a female Hentzia.


Ahhh…. Scorpionfly, Panorpidae.  Panorpa.  Going by, maybe P. nebulosa?




A wasp in Figitidae.






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